Welcome to Mahaiwe Tent


Mahaiwe Tent is a very community minded business and is often asked to contribute to fundraising efforts in the form of donations or discounts.  Although it is impossible for us to accommodate every request, we review each on a yearly basis to determine benefits and fundraisers that align with our company’s objectives.  To be considered, your committee or organization must submit your request in writing, addressing each of the following questions:


                  -       What is the date of your event?

                  -       What type of equipment or service are you requesting?

                  -       What group or person does the event benefit?

                  -       What is the gross amount the event will bring in?

                  -       What is the net amount that the group will give to charity?

                  -       What are the costs to attend the event?

                  -       How many people are expected to attend?

                  -       How would Mahaiwe Tent be recognized in signage, programs or other media?

                  -       What are the levels of participation you are seeking from other vendors/benefactors?


All requests are determined well in advance of the upcoming calendar year (November).  At that time we will review all requests and determine how we are able to assist your needs.  If your organization has been selected, you will be notified in writing as to the specifics of Mahaiwe Tent’s participation.  If your event occurs on a yearly basis, your organization must submit a request for every year the event is held.


Mahaiwe Tent has been generously giving back to the community for 30 years.  We look forward to continuing that tradition and will make every effort to accommodate every request that is in keeping with our company’s objective.


Send requests to:

Mahaiwe Tent

17 Humphrey Street

Great Barrington, MA 01230